Decorating & Interior Design

Elements of design

Depending on your project, some of the following services may be included in your design. 


Do you want ideas to decorate or refresh your space? Then a Moodboard would help you. It displays a general idea of what the design of your space could look like and includes colours, textures, patterns, key furniture and accessories. 

The goal of a Moodboard is to give you a general design concept. If you want something more detailed that includes the actual products and accessories to be used in your design, what you need is a Sample Board (look below).

Pricing provided after my initial consultation.


A Sample Board is a more complete and realistic version of a Moodboard. It includes a detailed combination of actual products to be used in your design. You can add schedules (see below) that include product specifications, providers and estimated prices.

1. Colour schedule of walls, trims, built-ins, ceilings, etc.
2. Lighting and electric schedule: Lights, electric outlets, etc.
3. Textile Schedule: Curtains, upholstery, rugs, accessories, etc.
4. Shopping List.

Pricing provided after my initial consultation.


This service can be a separate or an integral part of a design package and it’s exclusively offered for my clients in Ottawa.

In this service, I can go by myself or schedule a time to meet with you at a store showroom, view and discuss your options, etc.

CLICK HERE to see one of my solo shopping trips.

Pricing provided after my initial consultation.


Based on a floor plan of your space, I can show you a design concept in 3D so you get a feeling of what it would look like in real life.

It includes a floor plan, virtual tour and 3D virtual pictures.

Pricing provided after my initial consultation.

See HERE an example of a virtual tour:


Generally speaking, I provide my clients with the elements of the design of their space and the implementation is managed by them.  

However, some of my clients prefer me to put together all the design in the room. 

This service is not about moving furniture, but about interacting with you putting together all the art, accessories, and help you get the room ready. Here is the fun! 

Pricing provided after my initial consultation.


I focus on highlighting the best features of your home and de-emphasizing its flaws to make it more attractive to prospective buyers so you can sell it faster and for more money. 

You can pick how far you want to go: From a casual in-home consultation to a very specific plan including improvements, decor & shopping list.

I can also offer on-site placing of elements of the design

Pricing provided after my initial consultation.